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Having an ongoing relationship with a fabrication business can help mining operators reduce costs and increase efficiency. This is because they’ll have access to tailored solutions, expert advice and fast turnaround times. It also allows them to build a rapport with the fabrication business, so they can trust the team when it comes to repairs, modifications or building new components. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime for their operations.

Yes, refurbished machinery can be on-sold. This is a great way of recouping some of the costs associated with refurbishment, as well as giving another business a valuable asset that is cheaper than buying new. It also helps to reduce waste and prolong the lifecycle of the machine, which is beneficial for both business and the environment. So, rather than scrapping your retired machinery, consider whether refurbishing and on-selling could provide a better solution.

Fabrication and refurbishment services go hand in hand, as they both offer solutions for creating custom components, maintaining existing parts or repairing worn machinery. Fabrication can be used to create new components from raw materials, while refurbishment is more focused on bringing old parts up to current standards or reusing existing components. In short, fabrication and refurbishment complement each other in order to provide the best possible solutions for clients.

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