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Fabrication can be used to build or modify components that help increase efficiency at a mine site. This includes things such as dragline rigging components and buckets, dozer blades, electric shovel dipper handles and rails, mobile plant components and more. Additionally, it can also provide solutions for maintenance and repair works, which helps reduce downtime.

Refurbishing machinery is often more cost-effective than buying new, as you can reuse most of the original components and parts, and it also allows for a more tailored solution that fulfils your exact requirements. In addition, refurbishment is often quicker and easier than trying to source new replacement parts or buying a brand-new machine. Finally, refurbished machinery is often ready for use with minimal delay, which helps reduce downtime.

The most common industrial machines and parts that get refurbished include mining machinery, earthmoving equipment, reefers and intermodal containers, cranes, vehicles and vehicle bodies. Other components such as structural steel sections and buckets can also be refurbished when required. Refurbishment can involve anything from cleaning to complex repairs or modifications. It all depends on the specific requirements of the client.

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